Our Vision

Our History and Vision

Project Prayer Flag first realized its beginning shortly after the events of September 11th, 2001. During this time of Military deployments and sacrifices, millions of prayers of support went out to our Military men and women. They continue today with those on the front lines, defending Freedom and instilling the hope of Liberty.

Project Prayer Flag began slowly as a way of giving comfort and a piece of America, to the troops who so gallantly defend the ideals that we hold dear to our hearts. We began the Project; by sending a handwritten card, a small American “cloth” Pocket Flag” and a humble gift to a U.S. Marine reservist who was deploying overseas.

Shortly after sending the reservist the card and Flag, we received a card of thanks. We were asked if we could send more of these cards, and Flags to the Troops overseas. And thus began Project Prayer Flag. As the soldiers carry the small flag and hope in their pocket, they are reminded of the prayers of millions and the hope of Freedom that they inspire.

Today, over four hundred volunteers and families; meet in community centers, churches and homes to package “Patriot packs™”. They consist of American pocket Flags, Inspirational bookmarks, gifts and letters from ordinary Americans who care. Those who receive the flags and gifts are encouraged by the prayers of millions of Americans, and the hope of Freedom that they inspire.

Our newest outreach programs-Operation Christmas care™ and Adopt a Vet™, respond to the needs of single servicemen and women. Volunteers Adopt a Military Veteran and send them care packages, and offer spiritual and emotional support throughout their time in Military service. The project continues to grow and has been blessed with volunteers who have responded with their hearts and hope.

Project Prayer Flag continues to respond to personal and spiritual needs by organizing various outreaches, and events which encourage the hope of a better life lived through Faith and Freedom.

By working together through Faith, we point to Liberty’s light as she shines upon the path of those who yearn for Freedom, and for those who reach for her. We thank you and all of the volunteers for your help and support.